Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas shopping for Saipan techies

This shopping season doesn't seem to offer a "must-have" gift for the techie on your list, a situation I lament in this week's column.

But here are a few things (tech-oriented or otherwise)that I reviewed in 2008:

1. Saving Memories. Feb. 29. This extolls the benefits of the new generation of small external hard drives. Many of us have moved our photo albums to our computers; those are memories worth saving....and backing up.

2. A great piece of gear. Aug. 15. The Cabela's Outback Computer Attache is my best product discovery of the year.

3. Saipan and Everywhere: Four essential books. Oct. 24. The title pretty much says it all. Any, or all, of these four books would be a nice gift for the thinker on your list.