Friday, September 5, 2008

Deputy Director of Notebooks

Shopping for a notebook computer? You're not alone: Notebook sales are up 35% for the year. Here's my take on the gig. has interesting data on notebook market share here.


Since I've got notebooks on the brain today, I just caught an article on about one new offering in the ultra-small, ultra cheap notebook computer sector--the Dell Mini 9, which has a 8.9 inch display, WiFi, a teeny capacity flash memory of 4gb to 16gb, and a teeny price of $350 (with Linux) or $400 (Windows XP).

This surely isn't a substitute for a full blown notebook computer, but as a "computer-like appliance" (or "sub-notebook") for road trips (it weighs under two pounds), it might be an interesting tool, or maybe toy, for some folks.

Dell's offering is coming on the heels of a similar little offering from Taiwan's Asus, the Eee PC. I checked one of these out in Asia when they were pretty new on the market. Although I'd love to shave four pounds from my travel kit, my enthusiasm was curbed when I actually used one of these things.