Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching up: March 21, March 28, and April 4 column links

The dust has settled from my travels, so I can catch up on some column links now.

April 4: "Choices in life"

"A career bromide as worn as the steps to the Nauru Building goes like so: Do what you like to do, young man, and then your work won’t seem like work, life will be happy and, fortuitously, the money will flow into your pockets..."

Here's a link to the April 4 column

March 28: "Zoris"

"There are two kinds of people on Saipan: Those who have adopted zoris as their primary footwear, and those who haven’t..."

Here's a link to the March 28 column

March 21: "The dollar and credit bombs: Told you so!"

"For many years, I have warned Saipan Tribune readers that the U.S. dollar, and the pile of toxic debt it is built on, will all collapse in an ugly heap.

And it’s happening. Right in front of our eyes. It’s the stuff of global headlines right now. There will be time, a lot of time, later, to analyze the impact on Saipan, but today let’s just ponder the general situation..."

Here's a link to the March 21 column